With Online Classes students have the option to work on your own pace and from many differnet plances, be it at their home or a different continent. Online classroom is setup with you in mind and is super easy to use.

On enrollment, an online account will be setup for you, and you will be walked through the e-classroom. There you will be able to see the course and its contect.

Distance education doesn’t mean that you are alone. We have daily sync with teachers where you have the opportunity to give feedback and clarify doubts with the teacher. This gives you option to learn and stay in touch with the call in an e-learning environment.

At Innocent Hearts, with online courses, you have the ability to enroll in coures anytime thoought the year and able to complete at your own pace while working with your teacher.

Is this course accepted by my university or college?

Any course done at our school (online or inclass) is recognized by Ministry of Education. It will be counted towards your Grade 12 diploma and will be accepted by your Unversity/College.

How long will  it take to complete the online course?

A course can take anywhere from one month to a few months depending on your speed. On average students studying full-time can complete 2 courses in approx 2 months.

What things do I need to work on the course?

All you need is a working computer and an internet connect.

All study content is provided by the school.

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Given the current COVID-19 situation, we encourage all students to enroll in e-learning to complete any outstanding courses.
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