Mission Statement

We believe that every student can learn and excel. Our fundamental purpose is to achieve optimal learning for all students in their pursuit of ‘excellence in all things’ within a vibrant, diverse learning community.

Our Promise

We are committed to empowering students to realize their full potential academically, individually, and socially. We promise to provide you all the tools and support to succeed.

Innocent Hearts have over 5000 students that have completed studies here. Our experienced staff is here to help you with any questions around University or College applications or anything other queries.

When coming to Innocent Hearts, expect clear policies to help make your time here as smooth as possible.

Trust a school for your education is a big commitment. We strive to deliver the very best education to our students.

Innocent Hearts follow a four-term system similar to the one used in Australia, where you do two courses at a time.

This allows one to focus better on the few courses at a time.

High School is a very important time in your life. We are always available when you need to talk about your career goals.

We have night-school and part-time study options available for students that need some flexibility.


Here’s what our students had to say about our school:

The school is very good the teachers are excellent, it is a new experience for you and also you make friends from different countries. I like how the teachers explain very good because they have knowledge about each subject. I take in the school chemistry and was great I loved.
I recommended this school because is very good and the teachers are good too they have the patience to explain when you don’t understand.

Michelle Montoya
Innocents Hearts is a really good school. I did two courses there English and math and I did well in both of them. Teachers are so good every day they used to give me 30 to 45 min explaining me the topic. They do a good job of teaching you the concept properly. Thank you innocent hearts
Rohit Godiwal

Great place to study. The teachers provide you with all the help needed and make sure you understand the concepts before leaving. I would recommend Innocent Hearts to anyone, especially those who are going back to school after an extended break.

Kevin Cobby
My experience at Innocent hearts was great! I had an amazing teacher who helped me push my self to do the best I could do and the principal always answered any questions i had regarding the course and other related topics.
Kanwar Singh
I was referred by another parent to innocent heart and the amazing job they do with the kids there, I saw the commitment from them to my child and others. My child took three courses from innocent heart and he did great. I am glad that innocent heart was there when we needed them. Thanks for your support.
Jane E